Digital Audio & Recording

Okavango Electronics are the Sole Authorised resellers and Service/Support providers of the VIQ Solutions Inc. Systems and Software, and High Criteria Inc. Liberty Recording Solutions. We have supplied and installed Digital Audio Recording and Transcription Systems throughout the country for The High Court of Botswana, The Industrial Courts of Botswana, Land Tribunal Courts, Kgatleng District Council, Kgatleng Land Board. In addition to the systems installed in client’s premises, we also supply Portable Digital Audio Recording System solutions where the systems can be transported to diverse temporary venues enabling our Clients to record proceedings where ever they need to. The Digital Audio Recording Systems provide a ‘Verbatim’ Audio Record of the proceedings of Courts, Council Chambers, Tribunals, Meetings and Interviews, and are often combined with Audio Conferencing Systems.

These systems provide the user with the ability to digitally record the proceedings of any meeting type situation, with the ability to transfer the recordings to be physically transcribed to hard copy.